Contact Somerset Cider Solutions for a competitive quotation for your Kegging needs. We fill all standard fittings of two-way kegs and work with Onecircle (Unikeg) to supply kegs for filling where a one-way keg is required. If you are after a rental keg, we regularly fill both E-Keg and Kegstar for our clients. Get in touch for more information on how this works.


Our exceptional wastage allows us to offer services to fill anything from 1000Lts, whilst our high throughput allows us to offer competitive rates on bigger runs, right up to full tanker volumes. 

Do you need a private label cider developed? Contact us and ask for Angus, our Product Engineer who can discuss the vast array of liquids we can offer. Whatever your needs, we can create something with the flavour profile you need, at a price point to suit you. Our partnership with Orchard Park Farms provides us with unique access to a plethora of base liquids, allowing us to create something to meet any demands