Blending & Filtration

Somerset Cider Solutions boasts 250,000L of bulk liquid storage space and 100,000L of blending capacity, including 4500L of temperature controlled blend storage. Ingredients are introduced to the blend via a 500L dedicated mixing vessel. The site utilizes a Romfil 3 module crossflow filter, providing filtration to 0.2 micron. Laboratory analysis is conducted via an Anton Paar Alex 500 extract analyser and a Hannah Instruments automatic titrator.

Carbonation & Pasteurization

Somerset Cider Solutions bottling plant has seen recent investment incorporating a CIMEC 2500L/HR bottle rinser, crown capper and a three headed label station facilitating front, back and neck labels. Bag in Box fulfilment is provided by a Flexifill-SA1 and is capable of processing 26,000L daily. Kegging is carried out via a custom double keg CIP set and automated 3 head filling system that internally cleans prior to filling. All filling lines are fed by C02 pressurised buffers at 2 bar and are cleaned by a thorough PAA and Caustic CIP cycle.


Filling & Packing

Somerset Cider Solution's Pasteurizer-Carbonater set is custom commissioned for the site, consisting of a 10,000L diffusion vessel and atomiser rated up to 10 bar. The system is advanced in that carbonation takes place prior to pasteurization, which results in a more secure final product, but demands the system be subjected to higher pressures. Carbonation is monitored on an Anton Paar Carbo510 carbonation reader, CO2 is supplied by Bio Carbonics. Pasteurization takes place via steam exchange through a Tetra-Pak heat exchanger, the process is 'flash' pasteurization and PU's are achieved by time the liquid spends within a holding pipe, dictated by the 6000L/HR product pump.

Accreditation & Licences

Somerset Cider Solutions achieved SALSA accreditation on the 19th February 2021 and maintains this status yearly. The site itself is registered as a cidermaking tax warehouse and has been approved as a trade facility, allowing for the import and export of duty suspended liquids for packaging and forwarding to other warehouses. The Somerset Cider Solutions licence numbers and accreditations can be found on the concluding page.